Product Name: 4 Inch  Plastic  Castor With Rubber Wheel  ( Rigid )
Model: 03L37K100RGLD
Keywords: Plastic Wheel , Castor Wheel  , Shopping Trolley Wheel
Colour Custom Made
Weight 0.274 Kg
Wheel Diameter 100 mm ( 4" )
Width Of Tread 30 mm
Centre Hole Size 12.5 mm
Offset 41 mm
Overall Height 125 mm
Hardness Of Tread Shore A95
Load Capacity 90 Kg
Description : Elegant Appereance for shopping trolley
  We offer difference hardness of tread for difference application
  Less noise and Easy cleaning
  Non marking wheel, polyproplene hub, thread guards
  Easily to exchange the wheel (either rubber wheel or autowalk wheel)
  Reduced weight compared to conventional steel castors
  Better trolley manoeuvring
  Higher strength values within the required standards
  Use of high-quality synthetic material